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hair salon servicesThere's been many hair care brands that claim to be "Salon Exclusive" but more frequently than not each exclusive brand tends to start out in hairdressers (the hairdresser making all sales and brand building although not the cash in on the products) and after that ultimately selling out into any retail outlet also they can get it into and even supermarkets.

So whats a true salon brand and what do hair salons think of products in there salons. I are already in hairdressing over 20 years and I have seen a whole lot of different brands coming to market the-latest sales/profit schemes to come through my salon door promising to make exclusive products if I recommend the business's products to my customers.

Over the very last three years this has changed not simply have large brands put their products into hairdressers they have also started selling direct to consumers.

Are you a hair salon? Does this scenario sound familiar

Regular client visits who uses a daily product

New product comes out within the range you brief your stylist to advise/sell to the client

Your stylist or you recommends the product to the client

The stylist gives a small booklet to the client prescribing by ticking the recommended products for the client

The client declines the sale for one reason or another

Client returns after 6 weeks an informs they purchased the product discounted direct from the brand via the internet

Does this sound familiar to hairdressers or clients? It is also a complete waste of time or is it? If you loved this post and you would like to receive more details concerning Hair Salon Services kindly pay a visit to the web page. I don't think it's a waste of time for the company who has supplied the products to the hair salon. The hair salon would have to make the minimum order of product in bulk and add to its stock list a large outlay profiting the hair product company. Effectively the hair stylist softened up the client for a sale.

It just shows the complexities of today's product market place. Not all is doom and gloom for most cases the client will purchase the product and walk out happy as well as the salon gets some stock return.

In 2012 I decided in my hair salon enough was enough although I do stock some brands I try and keep my stock low. I took the step to produce my own product range which I can proudly say is "salon exclusive" why because I only sell in my hair salon and on my website. I have developed the products after speaking to my clients. Several of my clients are already with me for 20 years.

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