Best Antifungal Creams In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you suffering from Fungal Skin Infection such as ringworm, jock itch or any other skin diseases? Tired looking for the perfect solution? If yes, then we will help you get better treatment for fungal infections.

Fungal Infections can be the most daunting, annoying and even embarrassing situation to deal with. It may cause due to poor hygiene and can be itchy or painful. The infection can take place in many parts of the body or skin, nails or scalp. Sometimes it attacks the unexcepted areas.

Antifungal Creams helps to kill off fungal cells. No doubt the fungal infections are hard to treat, but these creams help you get rid of it efficiently. We will help you find the Best Antifungal cream in India, recommended and tested by the doctors.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Antifungal Creams in India

Antifungal CreamsQuantity
Therapeutic 148 ml
Bioayurveda 20 gm
Fungiwin 35 gm
Sevi 10 gm
Herbahive Myco-D 15 gm
Iyush Ayurvedic 25 gm
Vasu Cutis 25 gm
GreenCure Magnoitch 15 gm
Cortizone 28 gm
Arihants 25 gm

Which are the Best Antifungal Creams in India 2021?

1. Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Lotion (148 ML)

Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Lotion

It is a natural foot and body care product. It comes with Broad Spectrum Essential Oils and Antibacterial Extracts. With the excellent blend of botanicals, it helps to defend against common causes of body and foot odour. It is a professional and effective skincare treatment.

It is enriched with skin moisturizing Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9, Colloidal Oatmeal, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. It is a fast-absorbing skin moisturizer for both men and women. With the enrichment of tree tea oil, it has been used for centuries for skin discomfort, back and chest acne, irritation, ringworm and more. Thus, it is an excellent anti-fungal treatment.

Key Features

  • It has a quantity of 148 ml.
  • It provides long-lasting relief.
  • It works best with Oleavine Theratree Therapeutic Soap & Exfoliating Scrub.
  • It is a natural deodorant for the smelly foot.
  • It reduces blemishes on the skin.
  • It can soften callous, rough, and dry skin.
  • It soothes sore, tired, itchy, scratchy, dry and inflamed skin.
  • It provides a strong defence against fungus and bacteria responsible for body infections.

Things We Like

  • It gives coolness to your body.
  • It helps in treating and healing infected areas.
  • It is the best antifungal cream for all skin types.

2. BIOAYURVEDA Youth Sport Anti-Fungal Foot Crèam (20 Grams)

best antifungal creams

It is a Herbal Foot Care Cream for heeling soothing cracked heels. It is a blend of organic Ayurveda ingredients along with vital minerals and natural oils. With anti-fungal action, it hydrates and nourishes cracked and chapped skin. It is the most popular cream known for its antiseptic properties.

It is uniquely formulated to heels and soothes the stressed skin on the feet. It treats many problems like burns, rashes, cuts, sores, bacterial or fungal infections, and many skin conditions. With hydrating and fast-absorbing formula, it works best for thick and hard skin. Apply this cream on cleansed feet and massage gently to achieve better results.

Key Features

  • It has a quantity of 20 grams.
  • It is made for relieving athlete’s foot and rash.
  • It smoothes the skin around the heels.
  • It reduces dryness, cracking and calluses.
  • It relieves the discomfort by helping in releasing stress.
  • It calms ankle inflammation and swelling.
  • It protects against microbial infections.
  • Its anti-fungal property makes it very useful fungi.
  • It has a wound healing property.

Things We Like

  • It makes skin supple.
  • It softens feet, heels, and ankles.
  • It has a pleasant fragrance.
  • It repairs the damaged skin very effectively.
  • It gives extra care to your feet.
  • It is worth buying.

3. Fungiwin Herbal Skin Cream (35gm, Pack Of 2)


Fungiwin Herbal Skin Cream is useful to combat bacterial and fungal skin infections. It provides long-lasting relief from itching and inflammation related to fungal infections.

It effectively treats fungal infections on the nails. It treats redness, small scales resembling dry skin, and other infections.

Key Features

  • The weight of the product is 35 gm and come with a pack of 2.
  • It helps to treat redness, itching, and dry skin.
  • It is effective to treat a wide range of fungal infections.
  • It provides long-lasting relief from inflammation and fungal infections.
  • The cream effectively the fungal infections of nails.
  • It combats bacterial and fungal skin infections.

4. Sevi Ayurvedic Skin Cream (Pack of 2, Each 10gm)


Sevi Ayurvedic Skin Cream is a powerful ayurvedic ointment for skin issues like ringworm, itching, eczema etc. It helps to treat various skin related problems, soothes skin and makes it feel better.

Key Features

  • It instantly relieves itchiness and burning.
  • It helps to get rid of minor skin ailments and conditions like jock itch, athlete’s foot, cracked and dry skin.
  • The weight of the cream is 2 gram with a pack of 2.
  • Apply the cream twice a day as directed by a physician.

Things We Like

  • It gives relief from itchy and burning skin.
  • It helps to get rid of minor skin ailments.
  • It is highly effective.
  • It is an effective cream for fungal infections.

5. Herbahive Myco-D Anti-Fungal Cream (15 Grams)

Herbahive Myco-D

Herbahive Myco-D Cream is a Herbal Antifungal Cream that helps to treat many skin and fungus infections. It prevents the growth of fungus. It is made of natural ingredients and suitable for treating major dermal problems.

The cream is useful for various skin infections such as athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm and other infections. It is free of many harmful products such as paraben and sulphate.

It gives a soothing effect to the skin and provides instant relief from skin problems and irritation.

Key Features

  • The weight of the product is 15gm.
  • It is a natural product with the highest efficacy and treats major dermal infections.
  • The cream is free from parabens, sulphates, tar compounds, Phthalates, mineral oil etc.
  • It is a non-sticky and non-greasy cream.
  • It gives a quick action cooling and soothing effect on the skin.

Things We Like

  • It is safe and easy to use.
  • It is made of natural ingredients and has zero side effect.
  • It is purely from herbal sources.
  • It helps to get rid of itchiness and redness.

6. Iyush Ayurvedic Herbal Marham (25 g each, Pack of 2)

Iyush Ayurvedic

Iyush Ayurvedic Herbal Marham is a herbal and ayurvedic ointment effective for all skin disease. It is free of chemicals and is a natural and safe product with no side effects.

The ointment is effective for all skin types like Eczema, Irritation, Ring Worms, Scratch Marks, Crack Heels etc. You can apply to the affected area twice a day.

Note: Don’t use soap or water, or massage over the affected areas. Do not cover the affected skin area.

Key Features

  • It is a 100% natural and ayurvedic product with no harmful chemicals and side effects.
  • The ointment has a natural blend of pure ayurvedic herbs. It is strongly effective for all skin disease.
  • After the affected area becomes dark, it removes, and you will get the natural new skin.
  • After seven days of treatment, stop using it for three days. Then use them again for seven days over the affected areas.
  • It is suitable for ringworm, Eczema Relief, Itchiness, fungal Infections, Rashes, crack heels, Pimple Marks etc.

Things We Like

  • It is a natural and safe product.
  • It is free of chemicals and side effects.
  • It is effective for all skin disease.
  • It is 100% natural, herbal and ayurvedic product.

7. Vasu Cutis Ayurvedic Cream (25g, Pack of 3)

Vasu Cutis

Vasu Cutis is an Ayurvedic, Antibacterial and Antifungal cream. It is beneficial in eradicating dermatitis effectively. The cream is for topical cutaneous care and useful for fungal infections as well.

The cream is convenient and safe to use and help eradicate dermatitis effectively. It also penetrates the skin completely.

Key Features

  • It relieves the itching and pruritus, prevents scaling and exudation.
  • It has a soothing effect on the skin and promotes healing.
  • The cream is suitable for fungal infections, rashes and other problems in the skin.
  • It is a pack of 3 with 25 gm of each.

Things We Like

  • It is suitable for men and women.
  • The product is ayurvedic and paraben-free.
  • It helps to eradicate dermatitis effectively.
  • The cream is suitable for skin and derma care.

8. GreenCure Magnoitch – Herbal Anti Itching Cream, German Design (15 gm, Pack of 3)

best antifungal creams

GreenCure Magnoitch is an Ayurvedic product that contains only proven herbal actives such as micro silver that calm and inhibit the self-contamination process. It is a german design that curbs the tendency of developing itchiness on the skin without hampering the natural quality of the skin.

The formula helps to calm and soothes the irritation and itchiness due to dry skin. It is an ‘Australian Certified Non-Toxic’ safe herbal syrup. It repairs the damaged cells, restores the moisture and makes the skin soft. It lets you stay away from itchiness and unwanted scratch.

Key Features

  • It is available in a pack of 3 with 15gm each.
  • The cream helps to treat fungal infection, bacterial infection, Itchiness on dry skin and inflammation.
  • You can use the cream for moisturization, nourishment, anti-acne and pimples.
  • Its 4R action repairs, restores, relaxes and removes.
  • The cream is free from EDTA, Paraben, Mineral Oil and Paraffin, Steroids, and fragrance.
  • It calms and soothes itchiness and irritation.

Things We Like

  • The product is paraben-free.
  • It is better for both men and women.
  • It is useful for pimples, anti-acne, moisturization and nourishment.
  • It helps to heal bacterial and fungal infections.

9. Cortizone 10 Crm 1z Size Maximum Strength Anti-Itch Creme

best antifungal creams

Cortizone is an Anti-Itch Cream for skin irritation, inflammation and rashes. It is enriched with aloe plus 10 moisturizers that moisturizes the skin. It treats many skin conditions, such as itchy skin, eczema, psoriasis, and skin rashes. It is no. 1 itch medicine recommended by the doctors.

The skin temporarily relieves external anal and genital itching. It is advisable to take the medicines under the supervision and advice of a doctor.

Key Features

  • It is the perfect solution for redness, inflammation and insect bites.
  • It comes with healing aloe and absorbs in the skin easily.
  • The cream is highly recommended for the strongest itch.
  • Its weight is 28 gram.
  • It provides instant relief from mild skin problems.

Things We Like

  • It is the perfect remedy for several skin problems.
  • It is a good quality product.
  • It is suitable for redness, rashes and insect bites etc.
  • It is the perfect antifungal cream for women.

10. Arihant’s Ayurvedic Herbal Itchsol Cream with Extra Cooling effect


Arihant’s Ayurvedic Herbal Itchsol is a perfect itch formula with a cooling effect on the skin. It is the perfect cream for jock itch, infection between toes and fingers due to sweat retention.

Key Features

  • It is 100% Ayurvedic formula for itchiness and skin inflammation.
  • The weight of the cream tube is 25 g.
  • It is completely safe and has a cooling effect om the skin with no side effects.
  • The Itch Sol Cream is effective in jock itch, infection between toes and fingers.
  • It helps to treat the infection due to friction and humidity at folds of inner thighs, buttocks and underside of armpits and breasts.

Things We Like

  • It is very effective in case of fungal infection.
  • The cream has cooling effects.
  • It is 100% Ayurvedic formula.
  • It is safe to use on skin.

Best Antifungal Cream Brands

  • Arihant
  • Cortizone
  • Fungiwin
  • Greencure
  • Herbahive
  • Iyush
  • Oleavine
  • Sevi
  • Vasu

What are Fungal Infections?

Fungal Infections are common skin problems such as ringworm, yeast infections, jock itch and athlete’s foot. It can cause redness, peeling, burning, or blisters and sores.

The fungus can grow in a warm and moist environment. It can develop in shoes, socks, pools, public shower, gym floors etc.

Types of Fungal Infections

The Antifungal creams treat almost all types of fungal infections; some can be treated with cream. While others can be treated with antifungal shampoos, spray, powder, or infections etc.

Jock Itch

Also known as tinea cruris, it is a fungal infection of the skin in the groin. It can be itchy and flourishes in a warm and moist environment. It also leads to rashes or burning sensation.

Ring Worms

Ring Worms also are known as tinea corporis, is the common type of skin infection. It causes itchiness and rash.

Athlete’s Foot

It is the common fungal infection of the feet, but most commonly occurs in the toes. It causes itchiness and breaks down the skin. It can happen to those who play sports. The reason might be moisture in the feet due to wearing socks or tight shoes. You can treat it with cream, lotion or with oral medication.


Women suffered from this type of infection, mostly. It arises in sensitive areas due to hormonal imbalance, stress, or taking an unhygienic diet. It can cause a burning sensation, pain, soreness, rashes. It can be treated with oral medication or cream for external use.

Some Tips To Use Antifungal Cream

  • Apply medication properly to ensure you have covered the affected area.
  • Wash your hands after applying the medication.
  • Don’t wrap or cover the area unless supervised by the doctor.
  • Don’t apply it in the nose, vagina, mouth and eyes.
  • Use the cream the same time each day.
  • Inform the doctor if your condition persists or worsens
  • Continue to apply even if the symptoms start to disappear. Stopping the medicine early may allow the fungus to continue to grow.

Things Need To Check Before Using Antifungal Cream

FDA Approval

FDA Approval ensures that the product has passed the safety regulations. Some treatments can cause various effects on the body. While in some mild cases, ointments for fungal infections are safe to use without medical supervision. Make sure the lotion or cream you use has passed the FBA regulations.

Doctor’s Advice

In a mild case, one can use the ointments or lotion as it doesn’t cause any side effects. But you must also be aware of your fungal infection. And what should not be included in your antifungal cream. In case you have sensitive skin, you must visit a doctor first. Using the medicine prescribed by the doctor can be safe and effective for your health.

Right Ingredients

Not all the antifungal creams treat all the types of skin infections. It becomes even more important to know if the specific product will solve your problem or not. It is advisable to visit a doctor before treating any fungal infection.

There are several ingredients that you can look out for treating several infections. It includes clotrimazole, tolnaftate, miconazole nitrate and butenafine hydrochloride.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Fungal Infection Occurs the Most?

It occurs during warm and humid climates. It can often happen to people who wear tight shoes, stay in sweaty socks and use community bath and pools.

2. What are the Side Effects of Anti Fungals?

The most common type of side effects is redness and irritation. In the case of severe irritation, pain or rashes, discontinue the use. You can also visit the doctor immediately.

3. How Often Should One Apply the Antifungal Cream?

It is suggested to apply the cream once or twice a day. Using twice a day may lead to serious side effects.

4. How Long Antifungal Take to Work?

It depends on the severity of your skin condition and your skin type. Most infections take 2 to 4 weeks to clear mild to moderate fungal infection. Ringworm starts to heal within two to three days of application.

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