Best Travel Duffle Bags in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Travellers love to take light and carry-on bags. There is no shortage of travel bags in the market. You can choose any of them from plenty of options.

A duffle bag is a large-sized kit bag that is made up of natural and synthetic fibres. It accommodates in a narrow-space. It was used for a long time by the non-commercial personals of the military.

It gets opened from the top-position and has a drawstring for the closure. It is accessible to holds with the back-straps and the rest pads.

It contributes to making your travel or shopping experience more comfortable and seamless. It is lightweight and can carry enough stuff for the travel. It comes in more functional and stylish looks with more durability period.

We have made a list of Best Duffle Bag in India based on Customer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our buying guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Travel Duffle Bags in India

Duffle Bag Capacity Warranty
American Tourister 61 Litres1 Year
American Tourister Ohio 54 Litres3 Years
The Clownfish 20 Litres1 Year
Fur Jaden 35 Litres1 Year
Chris & Kate 50 Litres-
Aristocrat Volt 61 Litres5 Years
Indian Riders -1 Year
Safari Pep - 5 Years
Thames Red 50 Litres2 Years
Thames Polyester 50 Litres3 Years

Which are the Top 10 Best Travel Duffle Bags in India 2021?

1. American Tourister Nylon Blue Travel Duffle

Best Duffle Bags

It is one of the Best Travel Bags in India that gives you hassle-free travelling-experience. The design of the bag is impressive. With this bag, you can carry excessive-weight with comfort.

It U shape opening helps in stress-free-packing. It comes with the two carrying options which are shoulder strap and dual handles. It comes with a rest-pad for the secure-lift. It’s one main-compartment is spacious and has a lockable puller that gives safety against thefts.

Key Features

  • The exterior material is made up of nylon.
  • The dimension of the bag is 55x28x31cm.
  • The product weight is 771 grams.
  • It has three additional-pockets for additional-space.

What We Like

  • It comes with the soft padded handle-strap.
  • The volume capacity is 61 litre.
  • It has one-year-warranty.
  • It minimises the additional pressure on the back and the shoulder.
  • It is available in vibrant colours.
  • It is suitable for gym-going persons.
  • It is lightweight and durable.

2. American Tourister Ohio Polyester Travel Duffle

Best Duffle Bags

This travel duffel bag is a trendy and fashionable bag for persons who love to travel. It is a fashionable travel bag with easy to carry and functional-features. It comes in a trolly design.

It provides smooth mobility on the tough-roads. It is not heavy on the pocket. Its detachable shoulder straps are adjustable. It has one front pocket for the more relaxed arrangement of the essential items.

Key Features

  • The outer covering is made of polyester.
  • Its volume capacity is 54-litres.
  • You can use it during the rainy season with ease as it is waterproof.
  • It has retractable-handle.
  • It comes with the two rolling wheels.
  • The dimension of the duffel bag is 55x27x30 cm.

What We Like

  • It has wear resistance property.
  • It is suitable for men and women.
  • It comes with 3-years of warranty.
  • It has a U-shaped opening for the hassle-free bag-packing.
  • It is a quality bag from the brand.
  • It is free from weight and bulkiness.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It does not have laptop compatibility.

3. The Clownfish Ambiance Series Brown Travel Duffle

Best Duffle Bags

It is one of the Top-Rated Travel Duffle Bags available in the market. You will enjoy travelling with this lightweight and good-quality duffel bag. It has rich brown finish and trendy patches for the attractive look.

This travel duffel bag weighs 848 grams. Its inner covering is made up of polypropylene. It has one main compartment, and inside that, there is one pocket for the smooth organisation of the objects.

Key Features

  • The outer-covering is made up of synthetic material.
  • It gets stored in the little space.
  • It has a water resistance ability.
  • The bag-capacity is 20-litres.
  • Its dimensions are 45x23x23 cm.
  • It has padded handles for convenient travelling.

What We Like

  • It has the manufacturer’s warranty for 1-year.
  • It is the choice of professionals for the short business trip.
  • Its shoulder-strap is adjustable.
  • It is suitable for both men and women.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is not compatible with the laptops.
  • It does not have any wheels.
  • It is not having any additional outer-pockets for additional space.

4. Fur Jaden Textured Leatherette Duffle Bag

Best Duffle Bags

They generates duffel bag with artificial leather. It comes with the durable and long-lasting material that makes it one of the ideal bags for travellers. You can carry all your essentials with this handy travel-bag. Its inner covering is made up of polypropylene.

The dimension of the bag is 47x27x28 cm. It has two adjustable handles for user convenience. These products are spacious enough for business trips and weekends gateway.

Key Features

  • It has a volume capacity of 35-litres.
  • The weight of the bag is 699-grams.
  • It comes with a waterproof design.
  • It has a shoulder strap for convenient travelling.
  • The zipper system does the opening and closing of the bag.
  • It does not peel off in just a few months.

What We Like

  • It is handy.
  • You can carry the bag to the gym.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It is suitable for every gender.

5. Chris & Kate Polyester Blue and Grey Duffle Bag

Best Duffle Bags

This brand delivers well-designed and light-weighted duffle-bags. It comes with removable and adjustable straps. Its compactness and comfort make it one of the top-rated Duffle Bags for this year.

Its adjustable shoulder strap prevents body ache due to long-hours of luggage bearing. It has a water-resisting capability. The well stitched and finished seams design of the duffel bag increase its life span.

Key Features

  • Its dimensions are 28x55x29 cm.
  • It has a larger capacity of 50 litres.
  • It comes with two high quality rolling-wheels.
  • These travelling bags are made up of thick and durable polyester.
  • It has one main compartment to store material.
  • It gives the manufacturer warranty only on the original seller’s bags.
  • It has one side pocket to store additional luggage.
  • It weighs 898-grams.
  • It has one large zipped back pocket.

What We Like

  • It easily gets folded and gets accommodate in a compact-space at home.
  • It is a budget-friendly travel bag.
  • It offers hassle-free-packing for longer vacations.
  • It delivers a 5-star rating service.

6. Aristocrat Volt Nxt Travel Duffle

Best Duffle Bags

Aristocrat is a remarkable-brand that creates the travel duffle packs. It has a spacious large compartment for better-storage of stuff. It is a satisfactory duffel bag for travellers.

It has butterfly locks for the better protection of the luggage. These products come with zipper for opening and closing of the bag. Therefore, it is one of the most reasonable and reliable travel duffle bags.

Key Features

  • It has a larger capacity of 61-litres.
  • It has 2-rolling wheels for convenient use.
  • Its dimension is 63x33x35 cm.
  • It is made up of polyester fabric.
  • Its top-pulling handle has a push-button for functioning.
  • It has one spacious pocket in the front.

What We Like

  • It is perfect for every travelling occasion.
  • It comes with the extra-pads that offer complete stability.
  • It has 5-years of manufacturing-warranty.
  • It is pocket-friendly.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It does not have an expandable feature.

7. Indian Riders Nylon Red Travel Duffle

Best Duffle Bags

It is a budget-friendly duffel bag. It has spacious front and side pockets to fulfil the extra-space demand. It comes with U-shaped opening for a hassle-free-packing. In terms of portability, it is easy to carry anywhere.

Its wheels are made up of good quality material that makes it the perfect Travel Duffel Bags. It comes with one-year of manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase. It has a push-button on the top-handle for height adjustment.

Key Features

  • It comes with a waterproof structure for increasing the sturdiness of the bag.
  • It has an adjustable shoulder strap.
  • It is made up of nylon.
  • It has multiple zips and two grab handles.
  • Its dimension is 45x35x6 cm.
  • It comes in red, black, grey and red shades.

What We Like

  • It has a soft handle in the side for secure-handling.
  • It is suitable for a short road trip and business tour.
  • It has quality sliders and zippers.

8. Safari Pep Polyester Purple Soft Duffle

Best Duffle Bags

It comes in an attractive purple colour. It comes in the form of a trolley. You can carry it with ease while walking. It has proper-space to carry the luggage.

It comes with the bottom-lug protection-feature. It has two-rolling wheels of high-quality that does not upset users during walking on roads. Its stitching design enhances the look of this soft duffle-bag. Thus, it is durable and reliable.

Key Features

  • It is made up of polyester material which sustains for a long time.
  • It has a large pocket on the front side.
  • Its dimensions are 53x27x32 cm.
  • It has one main-compartment for stuff-storage.
  • It has a soft padded shoulder strap.

What We Like

  • It has a five-years of international warranty.
  • It has water-resistance power.
  • The bag has been designed for carrying excessive weight.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is not having the laptop compatibility.
  • It does not have an expandable feature.

9. Thames Blue Travel Duffle Cabin Bag

Best Duffle Bags

The Thames makes quality duffle-bags for the travellers. These Travel Duffle kits come with good quality zippers. It provides the pain-free opening of the bag. It is made up of 100%-polyester material. The design of the bag is sturdy and durable.

It has wear resistance capacity. This rolling duffle bag is a red coloured portable bag. It has Back and Side Guards for the protection against wall and ground.

Key Features

  • It has 2-rolling wheels for convenient use.
  • It has resistance against water. You can use it during rainy seasons also.
  • It has a telescopic-handle to adjust the handle-length.
  • Its dimension is 55cmx34cmx30cm.
  • It has one main compartment for luggage storage.
  • Its volume capacity is 50 litres.
  • Thames 2200 g weighted bag is expandable.

What We Like

  • It comes with 2-years of warranty.
  • It has multiple pockets to carry a variety of things.
  • It is a long-lasting travel-bag.
  • It takes less storage space at home.

10. Thames Polyester Travel Duffle Navy Blue Trolley Bag

Best Duffle Bags

The Thames delivers quality and durable duffle-bags. It is one of the Best-Selling Travel Duffle Bags as it is made up of premium long-lasting polyester material. It has a telescopic type of handle.

This trolley bag is a sleek and trendy bag that you can purchase this year. It comes in navy blue, red, and brown shades. Its volume-capacity is 50 litres. It has a good quality of zipping for the packing and unpacking the bag.

Key Features

  • The dimension of this trolley bag is 55x34x30 cm.
  • It has a water resisting property.
  • It has two-rolling wheels for natural uplift.
  • It has side and back guards for the protection of the material.
  • Its weight is 2000 grams.
  • The outer covering is made up of premium nylon fabric.

What We Like

  • It has excellent resistance against wear and tear.
  • It can sustain all the pressure to give you a pleasant journey.
  • It gives three-years of manufacturing-warranty.

Best Travel Duffle Bag Brands

  • American Tourister
  • Aristocrat
  • Chris & Kate
  • Indian Riders
  • Safari
  • Thames
  • The Clownfish

Other Bags That You May Consider

  • F Gear 55 Litre Travel Duffle
  • Suntop Alive Nylon, Polyester 40 Litres

Types of Duffle Bags

Based on the qualities and sizes, the duffle-bags have the following categorisation.

Rolling Bag

They come with an attached wheel for the natural movement on the surface. It has one firm top-handle so that you can carry it in one hand. Enough space is available for the stuff with the easy-to-take-feature. It is made of polyester to enhance durability.

Expandable Bag

These bags are scalable when extra-space is required. It is ideal for women who love shopping. It is made of leather. A little caring makes it a long-lasting. It is lightweight and fashionable.

Upright Bag

It comes in size like a trolly bag. They have in-built wheels for the more effortless movement. You can carry business and personal stuff. It comes in the up-right form.

Carry-on Bag

The name itself specifies the features. This carry-on bag quickly gets accommodated in the aeroplane seat. It has carrying belt and handle for convenient use.

Uses of Duffle Bags

You can use the bag for several purposes. Some of them are mentioned here.


It has a lightweight that makes it suitable for travelling. Many companies generate it into the form of a rolling-suitcase for convenient use. It is a great bag for the lovers of road trips, weekend vacations.

Sports and Recreation

It acts as the most reliable companion for tennis and basketball games. Its size and smooth-portability make it fit for regular use. These bags are the safest to carry sports equipment and energy drinks.


The duffle-bags get cleaned effortlessly. This suspicious-bag can hold gym clothes, a set of street cloth, shoes and other personal items. It gets fit into the gym locker.


It has an arm strap for carrying. It has extra lining and padding for the protection of the hunting-equipment. They are made up of camouflage fabrics and has more numbers of chain to accommodate the things.


It can also be used as laptop bags. You can secure your laptop and official documents as it has protective sleeves and pockets.

Benefits of the Duffle Bags

These bags offer numerous-advantages to the user. You can look at some of its advantages below.

Flexible Organizational Option

Duffle or travel bags give us simple options for backpacking with their open-design and shape. It comes with different pockets and compartments for flexible use.


It is not limited to the travelling-purpose only. It gives a benefit for a vast number of leisure activities. Its continuous improvement in the terms-of-features makes it suitable for various tasks.

Variety of designs and styles

In terms of design, you will always find something functional and stylish in the bags. It comes with an elegant and compact look to carry the stuff.

Lightweight and adaptable

It is famous because it is lightweight. Its softshells provide an easy option for adaption. It gets expanded in case of more-space required.

How to Choose the Best Duffle Bags?

Travellers love to use versatile bags. There are a lot of bags available in the market that makes you confused to select the duffle bags. So, you should know things to buy duffle bags online or at the shop.

In this section, we have discussed some crucial points that you should have to consider while purchasing the travel duffle bags online. We hope this information will help you to find the best travel duffle bags. 


The durability depends upon the elements used in the processing. Look for the type of straps and the number-of-zippers. Most of the duffles are made up of ballistic nylon and TPE fabric. The most important thing is that always shop from the trusted names in the market.


The traditional duffles are light-weighted. You can use them during long-distance-travelling. The wheeled duffles comes with easy movement but are not light-weighted.

Additional Pockets

The numbers-of-pockets help in organising the stuff properly. Its separate-pockets give the easy track for the quickly lose data.

Easy to use

For easier access, examine the shape and orientation. Prefer the D shaped zipper bag rather than vertical-zippers. It allows us to see and access the left-over spaces properly.

Choose the bag according to its carrying-capacity of the stuff. For a longer trip, a 155-litre bag is an ideal choice. You can go with a 70-litre medium bag for short vacations.

Easy to carry
Having a high-grade quality branded bag with not good portability is not a good investment. Choose a pack that is travel-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is duffel bags are better than a suitcase?

Both the bag has their positive and negative side. It depends upon the situation in which it is used. You can run efficiently with a bag. It provides sufficient-space as compared to the suitcase. But the duffle-bags are most prone to theft as compared to a suitcase.

Do the best bags are waterproof?

Yes, some of the bag-packs are made up of waterproof nylon fabrics. They can be easily used in the rainy season.

What is the average size of the duffel bags?

They come in maximum size of 22 to 24 inch high, 14 to 17 inch wide, and 10 inches deep.

How to wash the bag?

You have to follow these steps for washing.

  • Use an antibacterial soap and sponge to clean the bag.
  • If there is any hardware component in the bag-design, then blow dry it to prevent rusting.
  • Let the bag get dry by natural air.
  • You can spray air freshener inside the bag.

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