Best Hand Blenders in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

An immersion blender or stick blends are the other popular names of a hand blender.

Hand Blender is a portable and small appliance that presents in almost every Indian household.

Do you want to make soup in just a minute? Using a hand blender, you’ll able to cook healthy meals for your family in a jiffy.

This small device is the perfect addition to your kitchen. An ideal blender allows you to make soups, spreads, sauces, and smoothies. You can buy the Best Hand Blender with the help of this article.

With an ideal hand blender, you’ll get useful accessories such as chopper, whisker, measuring jar for easy usage.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Hand Blenders in India

Hand BlenderWattsWarranty
Orpat HHB-100E WOB 2501 Year
Boss B101 1252 Years
Inalsa Robot 2.5PS 1501 Year
Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 2502 Years
Orpat HHB-157E-EC 2501 year
Inalsa Robot INOX 1000 8002 Years
Maharaja Whiteline 3502 Years
Philips Daily Collection HR1600/00 5502 Years
Morphy Richards HBCP 4002 Years
Bajaj HM 01 2502 Years

Which Are the 10 Best Hand Blender in India for 2021?

1. Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250-Watt Hand Blender (White)

Orpat HHB-100E WOB

Orpat brings this elegant blender for quick and easy churning, beating and whipping. With its 6 speed function, you can use this stick blender to crush the vegetables and fruits in a jiffy.

Its comfort design makes it easy to control this device. With its heavy-duty motor, it is easy to mix and blend.

Orpat hand blender helps in saving electricity bill as it is an energy efficient device. Orpat 250-Watt Hand Blender helps in quick completion of your daily chores.

The Orpat HHB-100E hand blender is a perfect device that simplifies your daily mixing and blending tasks. From drinks to soups to sauces, this small and compact tool does it all.

Key Features

  • The heavy-duty motor blends and mixes anything within seconds.
  • The soft touch grip of the blender makes it easy to operate.
  • It is designed with comfort and style in mind and has an operating voltage is of 230 volts.
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 year on the product.
  • It comes with a 230 Watts motor and sharp stainless steel blades.
  • Due to its compact size, you can mount this tool on a wall.
  • With its detachable parts, it is easy to clean the tool. You can remove the slip grips before washing in the dishwasher.
  • It has a sleek and contemporary style with a comfortable handle. Its control switch feels comfortable in
  • your hand that makes operation easy and quick.

Things We Like

  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is a wall mountable device.
  • It doesn’t need to set up.
  • With its smooth and safe switch, it is easy to use.
  • It comes with a long power cord of 2 meters.
  • It is easy to store.
  • It is durable, and its build quality is good.
  • It is perfect for blending lassi and milkshakes.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Its cleaning process behind the blades isn’t easy.

2. Boss B101 125-Watt Portable Blender, Grey

Boss B101

Boss is one of the brands in India that occupy a place of pride in the households of India. Boss portable hand blender is handy as they aid in faster completion of our daily chores.

The 125 Watts blender is a great device that simplifies your daily mixing and blending tasks. It has a sleek and contemporary style handle and control switch that feels comfortable in your hand. It makes your operation quick and easy.

The blender has 3 extra stainless steel blades, and they are whisk blade, mincer blade and beater blade. These make slicing, chopping and dicing easy and fast.

Key Features

  • It has 3 super sharp blades and wall mounting stand.
  • It comes with 2 years warranty on the product.
  • It operates on 125 Watts that easily blends fruits and vegetables for smoothies, shakes and purees.
  • It is balanced for power and long-lasting durability.
  • Its blades grind and blend each tiny particle perfectly. It leads you amazing blending results.
  • With its simple design, this blender needs less maintenance as it is easy to clean.
  • Its operating-voltage is of 230 volts.

Things We Like

  • This portable blender is easy to clean and operate.
  • With its wall mounting stand, it makes it easy to use.
  • It is lightweight and compact that takes less space on your kitchen space.

3. Inalsa Robot 2.5PS 150-Watt Hand Blender (White) with 1 Year Warranty

Inalsa Robot 2.5PS

Inalsa aims in providing superior quality products across various categories such as home, kitchen and personal care. The Inalsa blender is a great device that proves to the ideal kitchen companion for you.

You can use it to make batter, whip the cream in minutes without messing the kitchen. This immersion blender is designed in such a way so that it occupies minimal space in your kitchen.

Now blend tasty smoothies and shakes with Inalsa Robot 2.5 PS hand blender.

Key Features

  • It has a convenient push-button that helps to operate it easily.
  • It has a detachable stem with the shockproof sleek design.
  • It comes with warranty of 1 year on the product.
  • It comes with a DC motor of 150 Wattage.
  • Its housing material is made from polypropylene, and the blades are made of durable stainless steel.
  • It comes with a detachable plastic bar that can remove by twisting the blender. It makes the process of cleaning easy.
  • It comes with a single speed that delivers a uniform texture to cream, puree or sauce.

Things We Like

  • It is perfect for both experts and beginners.
  • After the use of a blender, you can hang it on the kitchen wall.
  • With its sharp blades in the foot, you can make purees, prepare baby food or healthy smoothies.

4. Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 250-Watt Hand Blender (White)

Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00

Philips Hand Blender HL1655/00 allows you to blend large quantities of ingredients in 20 minutes quickly. It is designed for a better grip with rust proof metal arm to mix cold and hot dishes.

HL1655/00 is an innovative blender that supports the blending of ingredients for up to 20 minutes. The 13 Inches blender is easy to hold. With Philips HL1655/00, blend more and blend easily.

Key Features

  • It has a specially designed blade that supports blending of constituents such as cooked dal, spinach, puree, lassi and milkshakes.
  • Its rust-free stainless steel arm and blades help in the blending of hot and cold ingredients.
  • It features an additional wall bracket for easy storage of this tool.
  • It has warranty of 2 years on the product.
  • It features two different blades for whipping of eggs, cream and whisking of beverages.
  • Its voltage is 230 volts, and RPM is 18000.
  • It features a powerful motor with 250 Watts supports the processing of hard ingredients.

Things We Like

  • It comes with removable blades for whisking and whipping.
  • It has a unique body shape without grooves on the body surface. It ensures easy cleaning.
  • It is ergonomically designed for better grip.

5. Orpat HHB-157E-EC 250-Watt Hand Blender with Chopper (White)

Orpat HHB-157E-EC

Orpat is the brand that makes your life easier with its various home devices such as hand blenders, mixer grinders, irons, toasters, heaters, ovens and so on.

Orpat hand blender has an International comfort design and styling. The base of chopping container is anti slippery for smooth chopping experience.

It has a robust unbreakable BPA free bowl with a capacity of 500ml for chopping without scattering the content.

Key Features

  • It has a unique blade design with a sharp edge that ensures chopping in a jiffy.
  • It has multipurpose hygienic stainless steel blade for chopping.
  • It comes with the warranty of one year on the product.
  • Its operating voltage is of 220 volts.
  • It operates at 250 Watts motor.
  • For outstanding speedy and noiseless results, it comes with a quiet motor and a gearbox for the smooth mechanism.
  • It comes with a blue light that is present on the top of the handle. It indicates whether the power is switch on or off.

Things We Like

  • It is easy to store, and you can wash it with ease as well.
  • Its handle is convenient for a tight grip.
  • It has a separate lid to avoid spilling.
  • It has a noiseless motor.
  • It comes with a super clean surface finish.

6. Inalsa Robot INOX 1000 800-Watt Hand Blender with Chopper DC Motor (Silver/Black)

Inalsa Robot INOX 1000

Inalsa is one of the most popular brands in Europe. Their aim is to provide superior products for your home and kitchen.

Inalsa Robot INOX 1000 is a quick and convenient solution for your modern kitchen. This blender is itself a food processor that has an efficient chopper and whisker.

The package includes hand blender, chopper, whisker, measuring cup, instruction manual and warranty card. It blends tasty shakes. It makes your everyday food preparation fun and easy.

It operates on a powerful motor of 800 Watts. It easily blends fruits and vegetables for smoothies, purees and shakes.

Key Features

  • It has a variable speed control with LED light and detachable stainless steel stem.
  • It has warranty of  2 years.
  • With its super-sharp blades in the foot, you can easily make purees, healthy smoothies. It keeps you energised all day.
  • It is a thoughtfully designed blender that has a hanging loop. With this, you can hang this blender after usage for drying.
  • It comes with sharp versatile SS blades for better results every time.
  • These blades are ideal for blending shakes, smoothies and hard food ingredients.
  • Its ergonomic design and detachable SS stem make it easy to use the device for both beginners and experts.

Things We Like

  • It has a lightweight design and crafted in elegant black and grey colour.
  • It comes with the detachable stainless steel-stem and multipurpose blending jar.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is a durable product.
  • It comes with LED lights that looks bright.

7. Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix King 350-Watt Hand Blender (White and Red)

Maharaja Whiteline

Now blend tasty smoothies and purees using this TurboMix 350-Watt Hand Blender. Maharaja Whiteline is a veteran in an Indian market. It has a significant presence in the market with the broadest range in kitchen and home appliances, home comfort and garment products. It is leading in producing mixer grinders, food processors and coolers etc.

The package includes blender, beaker, chopper, manual instructions and a warranty card. With its 500ml chopper and 800ml beaker, you can easily do the kitchen tasks such as chopping, whipping and so on.

Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix hand blender is designed to ensure that it is comfortable to hold. With its 500ml chopper, it fulfils all your daily food preparation needs. It is ideal for chopping onions, making tomato purees and so on.

The extra attachments ease your food preparation and offer you quick results. The blades let you blend and chop quickly.

Key Features

  • It operates on 350 Watts that makes it efficient enough to blend smoothies, baby food and purees.
  • Its 800ml beaker is perfect for preparing beverages without using a separate utensil.
  • It comes with two years warranty.
  • With its hanging loop, you can easily hang the blender on the wall of your kitchen.
  • The operating voltage of the device is of 230 volts.
  • It comes with a unique, detachable metal foot and is a perfect hot blender for soups, palak paneer, pav bhaji and various other foods.
  • It operates on a single, push-button idea, and that makes it easy to use.

Things We Like

  • It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • It comes with the detachable and metal foot that one can clean easily.
  • It comes with super-sharp blades.

8. Philips Daily Collection HR1600/00 550-Watt Hand Blender

Philips Daily Collection HR1600/00

HR1600/00 is an advanced technology for more faster and consistent blending. Its unique ProMix blending technology uses triangular shape to create optimal flow. It provides maximum performance in making silky smooth soups and smoothies.

Philips HR1600/00 comes with a slip grip that can fit in any hand. With its great power, you can expect to blend and chop various ingredients together within a short time. Phillips provides high quality kitchen appliances that match to your budget perfectly.

Key Features

  • The Philips Hand blender combines 550 Watts power with a uniquely designed blending foot.
  • This handheld blender comes with warranty of 2-years.
  • It provides a wonderful and smooth result for soups, shakes and purees.
  • With the 2 button release system, it is easy to remove the blending bar for cleaning easy.
  • It comes with the beaker of 0.5 litres capacity. It enables you to add ingredients without affecting its performance.

Things We Like

  • It comes with a single switch that makes it easy to use.
  • With this hand blender, you can make healthy foods with ease.
  • Its motor is strong enough to withstand even the toughest ingredients.

9. Morphy Richards HBCP 400-Watt Hand Blender (White)

Morphy Richards HBCP

Morphy Richards HBCP is a reliable and efficient hand blender. The Morphy Richards hand blender is a must-have device in any modern kitchen.

It includes hand blender, chopper attachment, measuring beaker, user manual and guarantee card. With this valuable device, you can save a considerable amount of time and energy.

This tool uses the optimum amount of power that keeps it running. Its low wattage means low power consumption. So with this, you don’t need to worry about the electricity bills.

If you face any issue with this blender, you can contact the customer care at 18001035963.

Key Features

  • With its stainless steel shaft, you can immerse this blender into a pan of hot food.
  • With the 2 Speed control, it lets the user customise the speed as per his needs and preference.
  • The blender fits comfortably in the grip of your hands as it is designed in a slim and ergonomic fashion.
  • It comes with a warranty of 2-year on the product.
  • Its detachable leg with secure locking system makes the cleaning safe and fuss-free process.
  • Its operating-voltage is of 230 volts.

Things We Like

  • It comes with chopper and beaker attachments.
  • It has a 2 Speed soft push button.

10. Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Blender (Black)

Bajaj HM 01

Now prepare your bakery foods at the convenience of your home with Bajaj Majesty HM01 blender. Bajaj Majesty HM01 Hand Blender helps you get rid of the toughest cooking tasks.

Bajaj Majesty blender makes your mixing, kneading, whisking, beating and other cooking tasks efficiently. With the three-speed control function, it allows you to adjust the motor speed as per the ingredients you process. It provides perfect blending output.

With the weight of 1.1kg, it proves to be a lightweight kitchen tool. Besides this, it has a push/slice switch that facilitates a safe and convenient operation to the user. It is one of the Best Hand Blenders in India from Bajaj that is a trusted brand in the Indian market.

Key Features

  • It features 3 Speed controls, beater attachment, chrome plated dough, slicing switch, eject button and so on.
  • Its powerful motor operates on 250 Watts that ensures effortless and fast blending.
  • It comes with 2 years warranty on the product.
  • You can’t remove the attachments unless the eject button is pressed.
  • Its different speed controls are useful for the preparation of various dishes.
  • Its dough hooks and beater attachment rotate in low, medium and high speeds.
  • The dough hooks are perfect for kneading the dough, pizza and mixing tough cookie batter.

Things We Like

  • Its elegant and stylish design comes in black colour.
  • It consumes less power as compared to other blenders.
  • It can be use for whisk eggs.
  • It comes with 3 Speed control for a superior experience.
  • It can work as a hand mixer.

Best Hand Blender Brands

  • Bajaj
  • Boss
  • Inalsa
  • Maharaja Whiteline
  • Morphy Richards
  • Orpat
  • Philips

How To Choose The Best Hand Blenders?

Choose The Right Size

It is essential to choose the right size hand blender. First, think your storage space. It is a good idea to choose a compact and single-serve hand blender. If you would like to prepare meals for a group of friends or family, it is a good idea to choose a large size.


Speed is an essential factor to consider as it helps to break the ingredients with ease. Always look for blenders that come with 3 to 10 speed-settings. A blender that is less than 3 speed won’t provide you with enough control. The device that uses two speeds is far better as compared to those using a single speed.


Some hand blenders have beakers and bowls for blending and chopping to place the ingredients into a blender. Hangers, measuring cups, mixing rod are some of the accessories that you get with a blender. It helps in preventing the ingredients from splattering. If you want to use the it for a specific task such as whisking, blending, whipping or chopping, opt for a model with some accessories. It helps in preparing food with ease.

Motor Power

When buying hand blender, always look for the blender that matches with your meal preparation needs. A blender with 250 to 300 Watts motor power is enough for whipping and mixing. 500 Watts motor is enough for making milkshakes, blending smoothies and crush hard substances.

Lightweight Design

The comfort of using hand blender depends on its weight. It is a good idea to choose a lightweight hand blender that has an elegant design. A heavy blender causes hand pain after using a long time. Most of the modern blenders weigh around 1 to 3 kgs that help in preparing juices with a simple push.

Price And Warranty

You should know the purpose of how would you like to use the hand blender. If you want to use hand blender occasionally, go for the basic models. On the flip side if you need to use it regularly, choose the expensive brands. Though both offer reliable performance, they are different in terms of quality and price. Most of the hand blenders comes with warranty of two years.


One of the convenient aspects of a hand blender is the ability to clean it quickly. Just rinse and let it dry. Some of the hand blenders come with detachable and dishwasher-safe that makes your cleaning process easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Benefits Of Hand Blender?

  • Easy To Use: Hand Blenders don’t need to install. All you need to do is plug in it, and it is ready for use.
  • Lightweight: The modern day hand blenders weigh up to 2 – 5 pounds. Flexible hand blenders help you aid in cooking different food items such as gravy to soup and whip cream.
  • Compact: Hand Blenders are compact and suitable for small kitchens. Due to its small size, you can easily store in a cabinet or drawer.

2. How Many Speeds My Blender Should Have?

For better performance, you need at least two Speed settings – slow speed for the light things and fast speed for bulky mixtures. The more you need to use your blender, the more speed-settings you need.

3. Does Cordless Blender Use Less Power?

Yes. Electric tools are more powerful as compared to the battery operated devices. A high quality cordless mixer blender is always better than the electric blenders.

4. Should We Consider What Material Stick Blender Made From?

Yes. Hand Blender is made from plastic or metal. A plastic hand blender is cheaper, and it doesn’t run last long. It is a better option to opt for a blender made from a metal shaft. The plastic hand blenders are more likely to crack or stain.

5. Can the Hand Blender Crush Ice?

Yes. If the blender is made from metal, it can crush the ice as plastic isn’t durable enough to cope after some uses.

6. Will Processing Hard Ingredients May Damage The Hand Blender?

It entirely depends on the ingredients. The Answer is Yes. If you process hard ingredients such as beetroot and bones, you can damage your stick blender. You can process ingredients such as chocolate, parmesan and so on.

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