Best Sneakers For Men in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

You might have heard this well known saying that ‘A man is judged by the shoes he wears!’. A good pair of shoes define a man’s personality. Well-Furnished shoes belong to a diligent person.

Even well-worn footwear gives a finishing touch on any outfit. It reflects a man’s moral character. It can take you to a good position in your career. So outgrow your dream by choosing the right pair of sneakers. It is an ideal choice for daily wear. It will give you comfy feel & keep your feet safe all the time.

Sneakers are the most popular casual shoes that are made with high quality canvas and a rubber sole.

It is also known as gym shoes or sport shoes. It is best for outdoor activities.

Sneakers are mainly designed to fulfil the needs of runners or joggers as it gives comfort during exercise. These shoes are best to wear with casual outfits, Denim Jeans and other stuff.

Sneakers are a friendly type of shoes. It covers the feet better and great choice for the rainy season. Its sole is flexible and light weight.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Sneakers in India

Sneakers for MenSoleMaterial
Adidas Mens Vs Pace RubberSynthetic
Sparx Mens Canvas RubberCanvas
Bond Street by (Red Tape) RubberSynthetic
Sportstar RubberSynthetic
Puma Mens Urban RubberSynthetic
Nike Mens Liteforce III RubberSynthetic
Sparx Mens RubberCanvas
Lee Cooper RubberSynthetic
Puma Ethylene Vinyl AcetateCanvas
Fila Mens Connect Ii RubberSynthetic

Which Are the 10 Best Sneakers for Men in India for 2021?

1. Adidas Men’s Vs Pace Sneakers

Adidas Men's Vs Pace Sneakers

Adidas is the largest sportswear brand. Adidas sneakers are subtle and straightforward shoes for men. Its side cushioning and heel provides you with superb comfort.

Key Features

  • It keeps your feet relaxed when you play hard on the court.
  • It provides three months warranty.
  • Its closure type is lace up.
  • It is suitable for a casual lifestyle.

2. Sparx Men’s Canvas Sneakers

Sparx Men's Canvas Sneakers

It is a trendy and stylish partner for everyday fashion. Its lace up design is adaptable with a padded tongue. It has a grooved texture sole for better grip. These shoes are best for all occasions. It is available in navy blue and black, olive and dark brown colours.

Important Tips

It is necessary to wash the sock liner or insole separately. It keeps the shoe clean and fresh from inside. You can clean it with warm water, old toothbrush, or an anti-grease soap.

Key Features

  • It is ideal for daily use.
  • Its canvas material gives extra support and comfort to feet.
  • It has a low ankle design.
  • It comes with rubber outsole for stable balance.
  • It protects from slippage.
  • It ensures optimum traction while you run, walk and jog.

3. Bond Street by (Red Tape) Men’s Sneakers

Bond Street by (Red Tape) Men's Sneakers

Red Tape is the international brand that is well known for its unparalleled comfort. Bond-Street is all about confidence and comfort. Its classic designs sparks a cool statement as you move one step ahead. It is a good quality sneakers for house parties, casual meetings. With these sneakers, you can boost up your style and fashion statement. These are formal wear shoes designed for men.

It has a breathable synthetic polyurethane with a rubber sole. It is a highly successful brand. It helps you to maintain a stable balance.

Key Features

  • The manufacturer provides 90 days of warranty on the product.
  • Its closure type is lace-up.
  • It is made of synthetic material to build grip and confidence.
  • It has a round toe style.
  • It looks elegant with denim t-shirts and jeans.

Things We Like

  • It makes you feel comfortable.
  • It has matte finish on the upper part of the shoe.
  • It is ideal for casual wear too.

4. Sportstar Men White & Red Synthetic Sneakers

SPORTSTAR Men White & Red Synthetic Sneakers

Sportstar Sneakers is a perfect combination of fashion and style. These casual shoe suits with jeans and T-shirts. It gives a stylish look. These are multipurpose shoes which are worn on normal days, parties and can be use for indoor & outdoor walk.

If you want to look smart, cool and stylish then club these shoes with jeans and T-shirts. Even, you can wear it without socks.

Key Features

  • It is lightweight and comfortable.
  • It provides a lace-up feature to tie up the shoes.
  • It is made with synthetic-material, and its inner material is breathable.
  • It has sole of rubber.
  • It comes with T.P.C. sole material.

Things We Like

  • It is perfect for both formal, informal parties and meetups.
  • It has a soft and comfortable design.

5. Puma Men’s Sneakers

Puma Men's Urban Sneakers

Puma is one of the world famous brands for sports and casual footwear. It also offers a huge range of shoes and unisex sneakers.

Puma men’s sneakers are flexible and most comfortable article. This shoe is the perfect combination of fashion and style.

Key Features

  • It uses synthetic material.
  • It has black lace up closure.
  • It is absolute for a casual lifestyle.
  • It comes with the warranty of 90 days.

6. Nike Men’s Liteforce III Casual Sneakers

Nike Men's Liteforce III Casual Sneakers

Nike offers a trendy pair of sneaker shoes that will keep your feet relaxed and comfortable. It comes with Nubuck leather and fabric lining. It has a rubber-sole that never causes any pain. Even it saves you from fatigue. It is one of the Best-Selling Sneakers which fits in your budget perfectly.

Key Features

  • It is made of synthetic material.
  • It comes with blue lace-up closure.
  • It suits with casual dresses.

Things We Like

  • It is a high quality product from Nike.
  • It has a dazzling design.
  • It gives proper support to your feet.

7. Sparx Men’s Sneakers

Sparx Men's Sneakers

Sparx is the hot selling product of Relaxo Footwear Company. It is the second most populous and trustworthy brand for the finest range of footwear.

Millions of People love Relaxo footwears as every year it adapts flaunting design patterns to deliver a spectular range of products in Indian market.

Sparx Sneakers are famous for their stylish designs. Sparx shoes will give optimum comfort to your feet. It is one of the Best Sneakers For Men that provides a great combination of style, comfort, and workmanship. Sparx brings confidence in a fashion statement. It is an iconic youth brand.

Important Tips

Do not apply polish or shiner on sneaker; otherwise, the outer material may get damage. Deodorizing the shoe at a regular basis is necessary. To prevent it from stain or dirt, you can clean its surface with a clean cloth.

Key Features

  • It comes with per moulded rubber sole.
  • It comes with 30 days warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • The Lace-up enclosure provides secure and perfect fit.
  • The shoe is made of canvas material.
  • It is suitable for a casual outfit.

8. Lee Cooper Men’s Sneakers

Lee Cooper Men's Sneakers

Lee Cooper Sneaker is the most popular brand in India. It constructs with a synthetic that gives you relax and soft touch up to your feet. This sports shoe can easily matched with khaki pant. Even you can pair it up with tight fit jeans and skinny trousers.

Key Features

  • It is made of synthetic material.
  • It provides 90 days warranty.
  • Its closure type is lace up.
  • It looks stylish.

9. Puma Men’s Urban Sneakers

Puma Men's Sneakers

Puma sneaker is the most popular sports shoes. It is the right choice for outdoor-activities. Puma sneaker is combining with a full length. Its rubber outsole provides you with better stability. The black and white sneakers from Puma looks stylish and cool. It is also available in blue & black shades along with so many trendy colours like Peacoat and Puma White.

It is one of the best brands in India for shoes and men’s sneakers.

Key Features

  • This product comes with three months warranty.
  • It comes with ethylene vinyl acetate sole.
  • It provides lace-up closure.
  • It is made with canvas material.
  • It supports your arch and foot.
  • It gives you the best performance on all levels.

Things We Like

  • It is the classic sneakers for daily use.
  • It is available in Puma Black & Puma White, Black and in Navy Blue color.
  • This shoe makes you feel comfortable.

10. Fila Men’s Connect Ii Sneakers

Fila Men's Connect Ii Sneakers

Fila is the Italian South Korean Sportswear Company that offers exclusive styles of sneakers. Its cool stuff allures to the customers. Fila men’s sneakers are best for day to day use.

Connect Li is a Low Top Sneaker from the house of Fila Men. Its blue coloured shoe strings are sturdy and reliable enough. Its upper material is made up of rubber.

Key Features

  • It comes with a high quality rubber material.
  • It is suitable to wear with denim shirts and jeans.
  • It provides lace-up closure that you can adjust with ease.
  • The warranty is of 90 days on the product.

Most Popular Sneaker Brands in India

  • Adidas
  • Bond Street
  • Fila
  • Lee Copper
  • Nike
  • Puma
  • Sparx
  • Sportstar

Types Of Sneakers

There are four types of sneakers.

1. Low Top Sneakers

Low Top Sneakers are flat standard models that do not cover up the ankles. These are also called low cut sneakers as they have low ankle height. It gives a sleek look to the feet. These shoes are flexible, loose and more responsive. It is better for both the summer and winter season. Low Top Sneakers look stylish, especially with skinny jeans. It is suitable for formal and informal outfits. It is 20 per cent lighter than standard high-tops. Low Top helps in maximizing the speed while running.

2. Mid Top Sneakers

Mid Top Sneakers is also known as mid cut sneakers. It is in between the low top and high-top sneakers. It minimizes the risk of odour-causing bacteria. It comes with a high-quality rubber sole for lightweight cushioning.

3. High Top Sneakers

These shoes are useful for playing Basketball or other sports. It covers your ankles. It prevents ankle injuries while playing basketball or other games.

4. Slip On Sneakers.

Slip on footwear is typically low, lace-less shoes. It is also known as loafer or slippers. It is comfortable to wear with any casual outfit. Slip-On pumps are an excellent choice for the summer months.

How To Choose Sneakers For Men?

Whether you want to buy new shoes for starting your workout routine, or your office there are a couple of factors that you should keep in your mind while purchasing the best sneakers for you.


Material is the significant factor that you should consider first. The cheap material can produce a foul smell, or it may leave a colour. So, it would help if you bought a good-pair of sneakers. Also, it should be waterproof, lightweight and comfortable.

Sneakers are mainly available in four types of material.

a. Leather Sneakers

Leather shoe is durable and flexible. It is the most common material made from the skin of animals. A handmade leather shoe is expensive as it is more breathable compared to other shoe material.

b. Canvas Sneakers

Canvas is a plain woven fabric that is more breathable and resistant to heat. It is a basic form of a casual shoe. It specially designed with high quality canvas and a rubber sole. Also, modern canvas sneakers made with linen, cotton and polyvinyl chloride. It is lightweight, waterproof and comfortable. Its durability and flexibility are upto the mark. They are machine washable as well.

c. Rubber Sneakers

It is the most common shoes that are available at an affordable price. It is famous for sports and exercise. They are so cosy and warm so you will never feel any pain while walking or running. It is somewhat named as Tennis or Athletic shoes. It has a soft and sticky sole of rubber for providing better padding.

d. Synthetic Sneakers

It is constructed from man-made material. It is very lightweight and waterproof. Some synthetic footwears are made up of different material such as nylon, polyester, acetate, acrylic, spandex, and Kevlar.

Closure Type

The closure of sneakers is classified into two categories.

a. Lace-Up

Lace-Up is the most common closure. Lace-Up shoes are more formal than slip on shoes. These shoes are better for office and school. The shoe laces provide a better grip to the feet. It comes in classic designs so you can wear it on many occasions.

b. Slip-On

Slip-On shoes are laceless shoes. These shoes are best to wear with Jeans and other stuff. It looks very stylish with any casual outfit. It is suitable for the summer season. It looks stylish with slim fit jeans.

Choose Sneakers Based On Activity

If you need sneakers for walking and running then you should look for lightweight and convenient design. High-top sneakers and Rubber Sneakers are the best options that you can choose for playing games. High-Tops are also fantastic for rock climbing.

Foot Type

It is essential to know what kind of feet you have. You should check your cushion level whether it is low arch, medium arch or high arch. If you are flat footed, low arch sneakers are an excellent choice for you. It gives better stability and maximum support to the foot. These are also called motion control shoes. If you have a high arch, you can opt for a neutral shoe. Because it has a high heel. It may cause pain and injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Is Better, High Tops or Low Tops Sneakers?

Both are Better; High-Tops are better for games because it covers the ankles. They are also fantastic for rock climbing. On the other hand, Low Tops are flat in shape that looks stylish with skinny jeans.

2. Are High Top Shoes safe for Basketball?

Yes, High Top Shoes are safe for Basketball because they protect from ankle injuries while playing Basketball.

3. What are the Most Comfortable Sneakers for Running?

High-Top Sneakers are comfortable for running because it provides a lace-up feature to tie up the shoes. You can also consider running shoes which are specially designed for the running purpose.

4. Are Sneakers Machine Washable?

Yes, Sneakers are machine washable. You can clean it with warm water, old toothbrush, liquid or any laundry detergent.

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