Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you still use the traditional methods of mopping and cleaning the house? Do you find it tough to spend hours cleaning? Are you tired of trying various mops? If you are looking for answers to all these questions, then you are in the right place.

A high quality vacuum cleaner in India is the requirement of the modern family. It helps to tackle day to day activities like carpets and floors cleaning, tables, chairs, sofa, car etc. to save your energy and time. You can’t control outdoor pollutants, but you can take care of indoor pollution. A vacuum cleaner not only ensures spot free cleaning but also saves your lot of time.

Buying the best vacuum cleaners for a home can be a daunting task, especially when you need to spend your money well. Don’t Worry. We are here to help you get the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home in India. One needs to remember that one size fit policy doesn’t work here. You must understand the importance of each vacuum cleaner and its functioning to narrow your search.

In this post, you will find the buying guide, price, ease of use, durability and various other factors. It will help you to compare the products and find the best one for you.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Vacuum Cleaners in India

Vacuum CleanerWarrantyPowerVoltage
Karcher WD 1 year1000 W220-240 V
Kent 1 year1200 W-
Dyson V7 2 years--
Inalsa 2 years1200 W220 - 240 V
American Micronic 1 year1600 W220 V
Black + Decker 2 years1400 W-
SGL Handheld -800 W-
Maharsh -1000 W220-240 V
Philips PowerPro 2 years1900 W
Balzano Aero 1 year600 W240 V

Which Are the 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Home in India for 2021?

1. Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher WD

Karcher WD 3 is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner which has a total power consumption of 1000 watts. It is a budget friendly home appliance that enables convenient vacuuming of dry and wet dirt. Its ergonomic design is portable and easy to handle while cleaning. It comes with a removable cartridge filter ideal for cleaning for the wet and dry surface. It allows you to clean the floor or mess without changing the filter.

It is a bag type new vacuum cleaner that comes with a disposable paper filter bag. Its practical blower function helps to suck the dirt and debris in areas hard to reach. The cleaner parking position helps in the floor nozzle and power suction tube to easily park when the cleaner is not in use.

Key Features

  • It comes with a pull or pushes locking system that helps you to get an easy opening and closing the dirtbag container.
  • This wet/dry vacuum cleaner has a capacity of 17 litres.
  • The product offers one year of warranty.
  • It has 2 m and 35 mm of suction hose, removable handle, Cartridge filter, nozzles and clip.
  • The dimension of the product is 34 x 38.8 x 50.3 cm.
  • It has a power of 1000 watts and has a voltage capacity of 220-240 volts.

Things We Like

  • It is easy to take anywhere.
  • It comes with an ergonomic design carry handle.
  • The vacuum is portable, compact and lightweight.
  • Its filter is easy to remove or replace.
  • It is designed with German Technology.
  • It has a robust impact resistant container.
  • It comes with three options dry, wet vacuum cleaning and blower.
  • It gives a good suction capacity.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It produces lil bit noise.
  • It comes with limited attachment or accessories.

2. Kent Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 1200 Watt (Yellow & Silver)


Kent is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that uses the high-efficiency motor. It picks up the dry dust and wet spills to ensure clean and spotless surroundings.

Key Features

  • The product offers one year of manufacturing warranty.
  • It has a power of 1200 watts.
  • It comes with a state-of-the-art technology that picks both wet spills and dry dirt.
  • It offers high-efficiency motor with a strong suction force that provides clean, dust free and spotless surroundings.
  • Its blower function removes deep and embedded dust from the surroundings.
  • Its Rubberized Wheel makes it easy to move as per your needs.
  • It offers ten litres of dust collection capacity.

Things We Like

  • It is lightweight and produces low noise.
  • Its noise level is < 86 dB (A).
  • It is easy to carry anywhere.
  • It gives better cleaning performance.

3. Dyson V7 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum (Purple)

Dyson V7

Dyson V7 is a cord-free vacuum cleaner that is designed for all floor types. Its direct-drive cleaner head drives bristles into the carpet. It helps to remove the ground-in dirt. It has a cord-free vacuum cleaner that can quickly change it to ground-in dirt. Its 2 Tier Radial cyclones technology takes microscopic dust.

Key Features

  • It comes with Direct Drive Cleaner head that cleans all the dirt deeply.
  • It can convert easily to handheld vacuum cleaners that reach up high, down, below or anywhere.
  • Its V7 powerful motor generates suction of upto 100 AW.
  • It removes 99.97% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Its machine filtration captures allergens and ejects cleaner air.
  • Its dimensions are 23 x 19 x 120 cm.
  • It offers 2 years of warranty on the product.
  • It comes with four additional attachments that are a combination tool, Crevice Tool, Mini Motorised Tool, and Mini Soft Dusting Brush.
  • Its powerful suction picks up the pet hair and allergens.

Things We Like

  • It is certified asthma and allergy friendly.
  • It ensures fast cleaning.
  • It gives efficient battery life.
  • It is the best cordless vacuum cleaners.
  • It can easily tackle pet hair and allergens.
  • It is cord-free or hassles free device for a smart home.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It has short battery life when using the turbo mode.

4. Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Easy Clean-1200W for Home with Blower Function and Reusable dust Bag (Red/Black)


Inalsa is the well-renowned company which provides superior household products at affordable prices. The powerful and compact cleaner has advanced features and is energy efficient. It offers excellent performance with strong-suction power.

Key Features

  • It has the power of 1200W.
  • The dimensions of the product are 33.5 x 23 x 20.5 cm.
  • It has an operating voltage of 220 – 240 volts.
  • The product provides two years of manufacturing warranty.
  • It includes flexible hose-pipe, 2 extension pipe, and cervic nozzle.
  • It has airflow control on the handle and comes with suction and blower function.
  • It comes with a 2L capacity of Cloth Bag Filter.

Things We Like

  • It provides a 4.5m Long Cord.
  • The vacuum cleaner provides overheat protection.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • It ensures excellent cleaning.

5. American Micronic-AMI-VCD21-1600WDx (Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner)

American Micronic

American Micronic is a best wet and dry vacuum cleaner that is suitable for handling small to medium clean up projects at house or workplace. It features 21 litres stainless steel that is durable and lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. It is a good vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers people.

Key Features

  • The vacuum’s blower function help to extract the dirt from the places tough to access.
  • It has a high lifting heavy tanks that help to dump contents.
  • It’s suction mechanism removes solid parts and fluids with equal ease.
  • The product offers one year warranty.
  • The dimension of the product is 57.6 x 38.1 x 40.6 cm.
  • It has a power of 1600 W and an operating voltage of 220V.
  • It allows you to remove dust, tough stains with ease.

Things We Like

  • It includes 2 Extension Pipes, Hose Pipe, Wet Brush, Upholstery nozzle and Floor/Carpet brush.
  • It has a premium quality and easy to operate.
  • It comes with a washable dust bag for easy operation and collecting dust.
  • This imported vacuum cleaner comes with superior suction quality.
  • It provides impressive airflow rate and water-lift capability.

6. Black + Decker WDBD15 15-Litre Vacuum Cleaner

Black + Decker

Black + Decker is a wet and dry cleaner that is meant for all cleaning purposes. It can clean small houses and bigger spaces. It can assist you with cleaning the tightest or inaccessible corners and nooks of your home.

Key Features

  • It has a power of 1400 watts.
  • The product offers two years of manufacturing warranty.
  • The capacity of the vacuum cleaner is 15 litres.
  • It includes vacuum cleaner 12m Flexible Hose, 2 Plastic Suction Tube, Sponge Filter and 2-in-1 wet and dry floor brush.

Things We Like

  • You can use the cleaner in the car also.
  • It makes the cleaning process easy.
  • It is available at an affordable price.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is a bit noisy.

7. SGL Handheld Vacuum Powerful Suction Low Noise Dust Collector Home Rod Aspirator Carpet Cleaner Swipe (Pink)

SGL Handheld

SGL Handheld is one of the Best Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners that is convenient and easy to clean. It is suitable for cleaning pet hair, spills, crumbs and dirt for the car’s interior. It is convenient to carry anywhere from one place to another.

Key Features

  • It has a lithium technology that allows strong suction.
  • The dimensions of the product are 1.4 x 13 x 52 cm.
  • It comes with suction as well as air throwing functions for different types of users.
  • It is easy to reach debris in tight corner of the house and spaces with ease.

Things We Like

  • It is lightweight and powerful to clean.
  • It is suitable for wet as well as dry cleaning.
  • It has long handle and is useful for car, home and kitchen etc.
  • You can use it on a daily basis.
  • It contains washable bowls and filter.

8. Maharsh Enterprise 220-240 V, 50 Hz, 1000 W Blowing and Sucking Dual Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

Maharsh Enterprise

Maharsh Enterprise is a blowing and suction dual multi-purpose cleaner. The cleaner is for household use and perfect for cleaning floors. The compact and the best portable vacuum cleaner have a bionic cartoon shape and streamlined design for multiple configurations.

Key Features

  • It has a voltage of 220V and 50Hz frequency.
  • It comes with a larger rotating brush that can be installed directly or with two hard tubes.
  • The square head brush can be used with a straight tube.
  • Its Slings design allows you to slap it around your waist.
  • It offers the power of 1000W.

Things We Like

  • It is convenient and comfortable to clean.
  • It is made of ABS plastic material.
  • It is beautiful and compact.
  • It is a suitable option for a smart home.

9. Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)

Philips PowerPro

Philips FC9352/01 is high quality and high-performance vacuum cleaner with high suction power. Its power cyclone five technology separates dust from the air. The vacuum cleaner has a powerful swirling action that maximizes the airflow and performance. Its strong suction power ensures efficient cleaning. It is considered one of the best bagless vacuum cleaners into the market.

The ultra-modern design offers a soft brush that is integrated into the handle. You can clean upholstery, furniture and flat surfaces.

Key Features

  • Its turbo brush helps to reduce 25 per cent more hairs and dust.
  • It has power cyclone five technology that separates dust from hair.
  • It has a 6m power cord length and 9m of action radius.
  • The warranty on the product is two years from the date of purchase.
  • It has a 1900W motor that gives great suction power.
  • It gives a sound power of 82 dB.
  • It comes with long lasting EPA filters that help to remove the dust particles and keep the air clean.
  • The product has a dimension of 410 x 281 x 247mm.

Things We Like

  • It comes with a multiclean nozzle for thorough floor cleaning.
  • It is compact, light and easy to use.
  • It has an advanced dust container.
  • It is less noisy as compared to other vacuum.
  • It comes with an EPA 10 filter and is suitable for car cleaning.
  • It has a multi-surface cleaning facility.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is not suitable to clean high areas.
  • It has no blower function.
  • It can’t be used for wet vacuuming.

10. Balzano Aero Vac GW902K 600 Watt, Stick Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)

Balzano Aero

Balzano Aero Vac has a versatile design suitable for cleaning surfaces like carpet, hard surfaces, rugs like floor table tops and more. It can be used for both a long stick cleaner and corded handheld cleaner. You can also clean car seats with this cleaner.

Key Features

  • The product offers one year of manufacturing warranty.
  • It has the power of 600 watts and operating volts of 240 volts.
  • It includes 1 Vacuum Cleaner, 1 Chrome Tube, 1 Floor Brush, and 1 Crevice Nozzle.
  • It offers 2-in-1 design with an onboard crevice tool that allows you to customize your vacuum for your needs.
  • It comes with Advanced cyclone HEPA filtration system that spins the dust away from the system.
  • It is suitable for area rugs, hard floor and low pile floors and carpets.

Things We Like

  • It helps to reduce allergy and bacteria.
  • It is perfect for hard floor cleaning.
  • It is suitable for a home with pets and children.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands in India 2021

  • American Micronic
  • Balzano
  • Black + Decker
  • Dyson
  • Inalsa
  • Karcher
  • Kent
  • Maharsh Enterprise
  • Philips
  • SGL

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

The vacuum cleaners are classified into various types depending on the cleaning needs, requirements and other factors. In the market, there are numerous options available depending on your needs.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright Vacuum Cleaners is one of the most common cleaners seen in homes today. Upright Cleaners is a type of vacuum cleaner that stands straight and clean carpets efficiently. It is the most reliable option for those who don’t like bending or can’t bend for cleaning. It is a suitable option for people with back pain. It includes a brush bar and is easy to clean and manage.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

A long wand connects canister vacuum cleaners by a flexible hose. It is an expensive option than the upright vacuum. You can easily lift the cleaner and carry it where ever you want. These are suitable for cleaning drapes, stairs and upholstery. It comes with dust bag and filter. The cleaners are compact, lightweight and come with separate power head. It makes less noise and enhances better mobility while cleaning. These are efficient for hard floor cleaning.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

To reach the areas the are hard to reach, the handheld vacuum cleaners play the role. It is used for vacuuming cars and it suctions up debris and minute dirt. These are available in different forms at various prices.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

These are technologically advanced and are designed in a disc shape. Considering its small size doesn’t require any human involvement to clean the surface. The best robot vacuum cleaner can clean the house, even your absence as it can remotely be controlled with a mobile app. They are best portable and compact and includes fantastic features such as UV sterilization and mopping. These cleaners have also gained various popularity due to its fewer efforts on the user’s end. They have one drawback that they can not clean stairs and a large quantity of dust.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Stick Vacuum Cleaner is similar to Upright Vacuum Cleaner, but it works on batteries. Though it is less powerful, you need not connect it with any wires. It is less expensive, lightweight and easy to store. It can also reach difficult areas such as fans, wall paintings, ceilings, cupboards etc. Its best part is that it is lightweight, easy to handle and use easily during power cuts.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

Noise Level

The vacuum cleaner creates noise while operating, while some produce extraordinary sound and noise. It depends on the machine of the engine.

Usually, the noise of vacuum cleaner ranges from 70 to 100 dB. To get a better cleaning experience, you can select the low, low decibels cleaner.

The cleaners with cyclonic action tend to produce more noise as the centrifugal force separates the dust. When it works, air violently sets in motion. The high quality or top vacuum cleaners operate at a comfortable noise level.

Bagged Or Bagless

It is another important thing the one must consider before buying the vacuum cleaner. Well, it solely depends on your personal choice. It someone in your family are suffering from dust allergy or asthma then bagged option is suitable for you. If you opt for bag option, then you must be careful with the disposal of dust. As the bag release the dust into the air while disposing of it. Though these cleaners do better cleaning.

The bagless cleaner bins are transparent, and you can easily check if the bag is filled or not. They need a filter replacement once in a while, and you can clean and use it countless times.

Wet and Dry Cleaner

The cleaners can clean dry dirt and dust as well as wet floors. Not only it saves your time but is suitable for cleaning damp bathroom floors. In case you spilt the drink on the floor or carpet, you can clean easily with a vacuum cleaner. Don’t scold your kid if he/she broke the glass on the floor as a vacuum can easily clean it. It helps to save your most of times drying or mopping.


Portability is the crucial element that helps to take a better decision for your needs. With a portable cleaner, you can easily do the cleaning at any part of the home. It can clean your house without any hassle. The cleaners also come with automatic cord winder that makes the job easy.

Corded Or Cordless

The vacuum cleaners are either wired or have no cords at all. The cleaners with cord are difficult to manage as the cords tend to tangle easily and are difficult to store. On the other hand, New cordless cleaners are easy to operate and can get stored easily. The wireless models run on batteries. It requires frequent charging from time to time.

Vacuum Cleaners With HEPA Filters

A HEPA filter aids to remove 99.99% of dust particles and dirt particles of microns. The modern vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filters, which helps to eliminate microns that measured upto 0.3.

The filter is made of fibreglass that is arranged in a meshed manner. It helps to block and trap the minute particles. There are several other types of filters such as charcoal, foam, cloth or disk filter. But HEPA filter is the better one. It is highly recommended for people with dust allergies. However, this type of filter is not washable and cannot remove bad smell.


No matter what type of cleaner you go with, make sure it is lightweight. The light models are easy to move and clean the floor without any hassle. If you have back pain and can’t bend easily, then go for a lightweight or convenient cleaner. Also, make sure it has large wheels at the bottom for easy movement.


One needs to consider various factors when it comes to using such as capacity, storage, filter etc. Some cleaners are ideal to do cleaning only and not for cleaning sofas or car cleaning etc. You need to know first as for what purpose you need a cleaner. The cleaner doesn’t fit all the propose all in one.

For sofa set padding or cleaning, canister or stick vacuum cleaner works well. In the case of carpeted floors cleaning, you can go for an upright or canister vacuum cleaner. You can clean car interiors and electronic items using a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Always choose the cleaner, keeping the cleaning purpose in mind.

Dust Storage Capacity

One must go with the vacuum cleaners that offer sufficient dust capacity. In the case of bagless cleaner, you need to empty the storage once it is full. The capacity of the storage should be as per the requirements of your cleaning.

Price and Warranty

The price of the cleaner depends on the various factors such as a cleaner, bag or bagless model, filter, smart options etc. The high quality brands of vacuum cleaners offer a high price. You can compare the models as per your choice, features, price and its warranty. It will help you to makes the best buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Should A Vacuum Last?

To keep the vacuum last longer, it requires proper care and maintenance. It depends on every brand and machine for its longevity. The vacuum cleaner lasts about eight years on an average as long as you use them with care.

2. Do You Need to Vacuum Before Carpet Cleaning?

Yes. You must vacuum the carpet thoroughly before cleaning it with stream washer or cleaner. It will remove the dust particles from the carpet.

3. Which is Better Bagless or Bagged Vacuums?

Bagged Vacuum cleaners hold more dirt and releasing or emptying them put less dirt into the air. It comes with an indicator that alerts you when the bag is full. On the other hand, Bagless Vacuums use filters to replace the bag or clean it periodically.

4. Do Air Purifier Removes Dust?

The air purifiers are designed to remove the dust using filters such as HEPA filter. It can remove dirt up to 99.97% of airborne particles. It is highly effective in reducing dust from home.

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